SHOCKING VIDEO: Angry Mob Spits, Screams, and Swears at TX State Rep. Candidate Jeff Younger at UNT in Denton, TX

Conservative speaker and Texas State Representative runoff candidate Jeff Younger and others had to be swept away by police as an angry mob swarmed the UNT building and room where Jeff Younger was speaking to the Young Conservatives of Texas.

Rustin Wright was at the event and he described being escorted out and locked in a room surrounded by police protection, as the angry mob could be heard shouting outside.

Joseph Villarreal was at the event and described police, possibly snipers, on the rooftops and a line of a dozen or more police cars arriving as they were lucky to get out of the building and away from the angry mob.

Jeff Morgan posted on Facebook asking for prayers as they were taken into police protection.

Below is a video showing some of the chaos as it unfolded:

The angry mob was not there to debate or discuss the issues, and they were not there to support the First Amendment right to free speech. The mob of hundreds were there to create violence and disruption and to shout down Jeff Younger from being heard. It was as if this was not America and was instead a communist country where you can only have one opinion and differing opinions get you drug out to the street and executed.

I can respect different opinions and can respect people showing up to peacefully protest or express their free speech and engage in discussion or debating or speaking out about what they believe. I cannot respect what happened here and it is downright un-American. They did not like someone’s opinion so they took over the room and screamed and spit on the speakers in an attempt to completely silence opinions that differ from their own.

Jeff Younger was not there to oppose gay people. I don’t think he cares what people want to do with their own lives as adults. He was there to speak about something that even many gay people completely agree with him on. He was there to advocate against parents being able to physically or chemically castrate young boys, children, in an effort to do elective sex changes. That physical, irreversible, life changing procedure is something that the individual child should have the right to decide on their own when they become an adult if they want to have the procedure. No parent should make physical life altering elective medical procedures for a child, and no child is capable of making that decision until they are old enough to make decisions for themselves and understand the decisions they are making. Kids can’t even vote, own guns or smoke until a certain age, and they should certainly not be able to decide to cut off a part of their body in an elective procedure until they are an adult.  No adult should be able to make that decision for a child either, as the decision belongs to that child once becoming an adult.

In a recent legal opinion Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton declared child "sex-change" procedures to be child abuse under Texas law.


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