Senator Campbell SD25 Triumphs Over Opponents Chan And Novak

Senator Donna Campbell, the Champion of SD25, has been under constant attack from her detractors since her bid for reelection. It isn’t just the Left that is attacking her but some embittered members of the Right. The biggest attacks are coming from Terri Hall of TURF, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom, the pro aborts, and of course her opponents in this race, Republicans Elisa Chan and Mike Novak, both from San Antonio.

Needless to say I am extremely disappointed with Libertarian Hall for using this race to discredit a very well respected and loved Senator to serve her toll road agenda. Just to clarify this statement, Senator Campbell did not vote to have toll roads in Bexar County. It was the Liberal Commissioner’s court in San Antonio, headed by lover of all things Obama Nelson Wolf, who has betrayed the city. It isn’t just Mayor Julian Castro that is in love with and echoes all of Obama’s policies; Wolf follows in Castro’s shadow.

The SD25 Candidates Forum held on Monday, January 27, at the Firefighters Union Hall in San Antonio was an eye opener for me because it revealed exactly what Chan is capable of doing and not doing. Before the forum, I asked Chan two questions. Why are you running against Senator Donna Campbell and why didn’t you run for mayor of San Antonio.

This is what ensued: With my digital recorder on I approached Chan.

Sonja: Could I ask you one question?
Chan: Who are you with?
Sonja: I am Sonja Harris and I just want to ask you why did you choose to run against Donna Campbell?
Chan: I believe competition is good and I think the candidate will be able to serve our community and our state and keep Texas stronger. (Huh, what did she mean?)
Sonja: Because you are so strong in San Antonio, why didn’t you run for mayor?

This was her first big mistake of the night; she looked at me and turned away while at the same time pushing with her fingers at my hand holding the recorder. Is this the kind of person SD25 needs to represent them? I think not. Chan needed to answer this apparently very difficult and embarrassing question. But more than not answering the question, the manner in which she refused was inexcusable.

During the debate, Senator Campbell made it a point to say that in order to bring business to Texas, Texas has to stay fiscally conservative. She mentioned that she was honored as one of the top five Texas conservatives in the Texas Senate. She went on to say that she received this award for being fiscally conservative and at the same time promoting Texas. In keeping with the conversation Senator Campbell said that she had been endorsed by the Texas Business Association because she supported the efforts to make sure that there is a good business climate, decreased regulations, water, transportation and a good workforce. Chan’s extremely disrespectful answer was totally out of character with someone who must work with members of the SD25 community and Texas business leaders. Here is her reply that evoked spontaneous gasps and gave the audience an earful and an insight to her character. Chan’s reply was difficult to understand because of her vernacular and purposely low tone of voice. She meant to deliver a blow directed at Senator Campbell. This was her second mistake. “As far as the endorsements, I can just tell you that that it’s an incumbent friendly rule that everybody just gives to most incumbents. That isn’t something that we need to talk about.”

This statement alone indicates how unprepared Chan is to be a Texas Senator. She does not have the temperament, poise or knowledge to handle situations when placed in stressful conditions. Chan certainly displayed characteristics of a liberal, not a conservative.

Research is the key to expose this type of candidate who panders for the conservative vote. Chan has been liberal friendly in her past, so we must question how she can say she is conservative and donate to Friends of Hillary, one of the most liberal pro abortion women in America. She also received a boost in attaining her San Antonio council seat district 9 from Tracy and Nelson Wolf, the dynamic Obama duo.

During the debate, Senator Campbell explained SB1029, a bill she authored, which ensures free lanes on state highways are not converted into toll lanes. She went on to say that the bill prohibits TXDOT from operating a non-tolled state highway or a segment of a non-tolled state highway as a toll project in many cases. It also prohibits TXDOT from transferring a highway to another entity for operation as a toll project. She urged those in attendance to call TXDOT and ask them directly about the bill. The only comeback Chan had was regurgitating Hall’s comments which I had heard before at the Tea Party meeting. Chan used almost verbatim the words Hall has used in her anti toll road presentations.

Chan should have revealed to the audience that she is president of Unintech, a firm that designs bridges, roads and highways and that Toll Road SH130 is one of her company’s biggest projects at 1.4 billion. The fact that Hall has persuaded Chan to carry her ‘water’, her agenda is laughable. Hall should have researched Chan’s business projects first before letting Chan make a fool of her. Chan clearly defines the work her company is doing with Toll Road SH 130.

This was Chan’s third mistake. Not only is her company designing toll roads but she debated a sitting Texas senator about the bill the senator authored. Who would understand the bill more than the author? Chan does not have the knowledge or facts on this issue and is definitely misrepresenting the truth.

Novak in his full blown arrogance let the audience know how as a county commissioner he won the East Side vote from an incumbent who had been in office 17 years. According to Novak, he cleaned his district and had a ‘profound’ impact on the city because of the practices he put in. He claimed to be a legacy and that the city maintains the tax rate pretty close that he implemented. At this point let’s review just how San Antonio has declined. It is controlled by a mayor and county judge that embody Obama and Novak does not see his city in this light, which means he must be content with the way San Antonio is today.

He took this opportunity to slam Chan by directly telling her that he had gotten the job done but she had quit! “They turned up the heat and you quit!” He asked Chan, “What are you going to do as a state senator, quit!”

Chan and Novak did the easy job of relating the problems that need to be addressed in SD25 and Texas, but had absolutely no solutions. After listening to the debate it is evident that SD25 is way above Chan’s pay grade. As for Novak, in his folksy way, is prepared to ride the wave, that is, will follow his leaders bidding. He will make a great ‘yes’ man!

Senator Campbell will be in office two years this coming November and has worked hard for her SD25 constituents. She has defended our freedoms and found funding for transportation. Even though she works as an ER doctor she never missed a day and never missed a vote in the Texas senate. She authored and passed SB1029, she helped to push school reform, co sponsored SB1406 a bill to stop CSCOPE and she worked to reduce the hours for a concealed handgun license. And how can we forget that as a freshman, Senator Campbell made the third point of order to stop Wendy Davis’s filibuster.

I have personally been present at the WOAI Town Hall, the Rally for Life in San Antonio, a Tea Party meeting where Hall was a guest speaker and blamed Senator Campbell for the toll roads in Bexar County, and at the SD25 Candidates Forum sponsored by Republicans at the Firefighters Union Hall. Each time Senator Campbell has handled the attacks in a way that is consistent with her Christian values and her desire to serve the people in SD25 with poise, assertiveness and knowledge of the facts. It’s time we stand and support Senator Campbell by donating to her campaign. Please share this article with all your friends to help inform SD25 voters of the truth.

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!





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