Senator Donna Campbell SD-25 Steadfast Under Attacks

Senator Donna Campbell is being flooded with awards and endorsements from organizations and individuals supporting her reelection. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, David Barton of Wallbuilders, and the National Rifle Association endorsed her with an A+ rating. Because of Senator Campbell’s Senate Bill 864 a concealed-carry license can be obtained with less hours while still preserving the instructional proficiency requirements.

“Your rating and endorsement are based on your strong record of leadership on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen in the Texas Legislature.”
Tara Reilly Mica, NRA-ILA State Liaison.

She was presented the Charter Appreciation Award for being a coauthor of Senate Bill 2. This bill is the most significant piece of charter legislation since 1995. The public charter school bill strengthens and supports effective charter schools and raises the arbitrary cap on public charter schools.

In the midst of Senator Campbell's busy campaign schedule and working with her constituents and loyal supporters in solving problems, Elisa Chan’s camp is attempting to tear down Senator Campbell’s strong image as a conservative.

It seems Chan is spending her campaign funds to discredit Senator Campbell via card flyers that are being mailed in the SD25 area. It is shameful that she is taking time to focus on a petty, smear campaign hoping to endear herself to the voters. It is appalling that she is being led to believe that this is the way to victory. Instead it is proof that Chan is mortified that Senator Campbell is way ahead in her reelection bid.

Chan’s slanderous message on the mailer concerns the Senator’s office policies and procedures. The blatant lies are prefaced with the word ‘alleged’. We should laugh at this since Chan was the butt of office gossip and was betrayed by one of her very own staff employees. While she was a member of the San Antonio city council her employee recorded her during a staff meeting. Her comments were so harsh referring to homosexuals that she was forced to resign from her position. Chan admits on her mailer that she is ‘different’ and I have to agree with her. She is very ‘different’! So why would Chan take the time and spend money to engage in such a trivial smear campaign? My guess is that she has absolutely nothing to offer the constituents of SD25 and this is the ‘best’ she can do.



Pray, Fight, Never give up!

relating to charter schools and home-rule charter school districts, including establishment of the Charter School Authorizing Authority.

relating to a handgun proficiency course that is taken to obtain or renew a concealed handgun license.







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