As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I made the following statement about my vote for a resolution endorsing Finland and Sweden ascending to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO):
The establishment of a Center for Democratic Resilience within NATO will further allow the organization's mission of promoting liberty, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law to flourish.
On its 70th anniversary, NATO remains more important than ever to the security of the free world because Russia still poses a threat to the alliance.
With Russia to its north looking to reestablish its empire and terrorists to its south bent on creating an Islamic caliphate, Turkey should have every reason to look west. But under the reign of President Erdogan, Turkey has...
In 1994, Russia promised to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons. Twenty years later, that agreement is nothing but a torn up piece of paper. Russian tanks rolled...
I joined 15 of my House colleagues in a bipartisan resolution strongly supporting the applications of Finland and Sweden to NATO.
I recently led a group of colleagues in sending a letter to President Biden urging the Biden Administration to take swift action against Russia’s most recent buildup at the Ukrainian Border. 
As the war waged in Syria has moved forward with YPG (Kurdish) troops in the North and U.S.-supported FSA and Iraqi Troops in the East, ISIS took major hits and was reduced in operational functionality over 2017.
The apparent shutdown of a Chevron fracking facility in Romania may be the results of efforts by Russia to stop natural gas production in Eastern Europe. Not long after opening the hydraulic fracturing facility in Pungesti,...
The situation in Ukraine is worsening. On Friday, Vladimir Putin recalled the Russian ambassador to NATO, and Russia’s military chief warned that Russian troops could move further into Ukraine in just 12 hours. The world...

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