Orlando Terrorist Attack

Last week during a press conference, I discussed the importance of passing an amendment introduced by U.S.
A man who attended the same mosque as Omar Mateen said he notified the FBI of his suspicions in 2014 about the future Orlando nightclub gunman.
How many times do we have to replay the same mistake in the battle with radical Islamic terrorists?
I know the country is in shock and still trying to evaluate as we continue to learn from the FBI's investigation more about the terrorist attack in Orlando, one that killed almost 50 people and, of course, left dozens...
Are Democrats that stupid or do they simply follow their leaders blindly without thinking?
In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, we have seen many explanations of why, and many of them wrong.
Today I'm introducing an amendment that I believe will offer a solution. I believe, if enacted beforehand, it may have provided the law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, the tools they needed in order to identify somebody...
The Orlando massacre simply reinforces what we already know but won’t acknowledge, we are dealing with an enemy who hides among us fueled by a hateful ideology.

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