Chip Roy

On Friday, I introduced the Passport Sanity Act to prevent United States passports from being used to promote radical gender ideology.
The perpetrator, Montez Terriel Lee, Jr., set a pawn shop on fire during the 2020 riots in Minneapolis; that fire killed a father of five whose body was later discovered in the rubble.
I sent a letter to President Biden Tuesday in opposition to a recent executive order that forces the federal government to adopt radical environmental policies that harm our domestic energy producers and bolster our enemies...
On Thursday, I joined Charles Payne on Fox News to discuss the TRUST in Congress Act, a bipartisan effort to promote transparency and reduce opportunities for members of Congress to engage in potentially nefarious activity...
On Tuesday, I joined Rob Schmitt on Newsmax to discuss the need to implement further restrictions on congressional stock trading to prevent potentially ill-gotten gains and even the appearance of corruption.
The American people deserve transparent and honest information; that is why I am proud to introduce this bill to bring necessary accountability and transparency for COVID-related FOIA requests.
We want to see the Supreme Court do the right thing and restore the decision-making power to the people so the people can decide the important matters of life.
On Wednesday, I led an effort condemning the Finnish government for charging Christians with incitement for advocating for their sincerely held religious beliefs, failing to protect Christians’ fundamental right to freely...
As many folks are preparing for travel plans over the holidays, please keep in mind that the U.S. Department of State is not currently able to process passport applications at the same rate as before the pandemic.
On Thursday, in a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, I pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on his recent directive to mobilize the FBI against concerned parents at school board meetings, as well as the details...
The brief backs up Feds for Medical Freedom as they continue to fight President Biden’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the entire federal workforce.
As the CDC data shows, there is no 'pressing need' for infants and toddlers to get vaccinated as COVID-19 poses an extremely low risk of death or hospitalization to children.
Our letter comes after the New York Times released a scathing report highlighting the appallingly high false-positive rate of noninvasive prenatal genetic screenings (85%) for rare genetic disorders.
The constant, blatant attack on the American people's ability to make their own decisions for their health, their lives, and their communities is proving to be the Democrat's actual agenda.
I sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra recently demanding answers about why the department's rationing of monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatments for COVID has left Texans without potential...
Today, we the living, remember who gave their last full measure of devotion to a cause greater than themselves, and those still with us who stand as living monuments to sacrifice and selfless service.
The American people deserve answers and honest information, which is why we need the Natural Immunity Transparency Act — to force HHS to collect and report to Congress data on natural immunity.
Today we honor America’s veterans for the sacrifices they have made, putting their lives on the line to fulfill the promise of freedom.
On Tuesday, I was joined by Reps. Thomas Massie (KY-4) and Mary Miller (IL-15) to introduce legislation to protect Americans’ medical privacy and curb the federal government’s ability to track them.
As long as we depend on China and the rest of the world to keep our shelves stocked, our economic prosperity, our political liberty, and our national security are all in grave danger.



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