MORE TEXAS JOBS: Tax Reform to Create More Jobs

Earlier this month, the nonpartisan Tax Foundation released a new analysis projecting the number of new full-time jobs that will be created in each state over the next decade due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The report finds that “from 2018 to 2025, the country should expect to see over 1.44 million new full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs created.” Just this year, Texas has seen over 18,000 full-time jobs and should expect to see 121,671 jobs added through 2025. 

Every state will see increased job creation due to tax reform. Not a single Democrat voted in favor of tax reform legislation creating these 1.44 million new jobs. 

Republicans are working to build on this growth. Tax Reform 2.0 is centered on making the individual and small business tax cuts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, which is estimated to add an additional 1.5 million full-time jobs in the long term. These reforms emphasize our commitment to continue making our tax code more competitive, innovative, and family-focused.


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