Austin Texas - The Belly of the Beast

People often laugh when they discuss Austin, Texas.  They typically start with their city motto — ‘Keep Austin Weird’ — which IS weird.  But what this city is doing to Texas is no laughing matter.

Austin has become the socialist capital of Texas, the ground zero of the socialist movement.  Turning Texas blue is not the objective, it is to turn this country into a soviet state — starting with our capital city.  You may find this rhetoric a bit over the top, but read on.

Many of you have heard of the group ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ (DSA).  And, many of you assume it is a small group of people who have little impact on America — incorrect!  Before Bernie Sanders lost his bid for the presidency, there were about 5,000 members in the DSA nationwide.  Today there are over 40,000 members reported.  (However some websites estimate that number could be well over 60K.)  Regardless, we don’t need thousands of socialists, aka communists, in our country upsetting our successful capitalist society.

Ideology has become a household word with little meaning to many people, if not innocuous.  However we need to look at what the socialists (communists) plan for our country.  Consider goal #26 of the ‘communist goals for America‘ — “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”  (Of import, these goals were documented in congress in 1963 — this is not a recent issue, but a strategic plan.)

Now you may find this a bit hard to believe, but your state capital is pushing goal #26 in our school system.  This shouldn’t come as a big surprise since Austin has its own DSA organization in our capital.  How can they do this you ask?  The local ISD in Austin is pressing the issue.  Please read about their fascist approach to getting their way in the city’s school system.  If they can pull this off over the objection of thousands of residents, what can they not accomplish with their totalitarian approach?

If we were talking about Laguna Beach, California that would be one thing.  But Austin, Texas!!??  Really?  Does this leave any doubt in your mind that this country can be morphed into a soviet state?  If not, you had best think twice and start paying attention.  Turning Texas blue is one thing, but a soviet state?

Socialism is growing rapidly in this country, even Texas!!  The American people better wake up quick, we’re almost there…


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