Be Sure To Vote In The Houston City Elections, We Can't Stand 4 More Years Of Turner's Reign Of Error

There are only two days left to vote - today, the last day of early voting and of course Tuesday, Election Day, November 5th - which means conservatives have only two days to change the direction of the city of Houston. It goes without saying that the importance of this election starts at the top with the mayor's race where we have the opportunity to replace Sylvester Turner with the much more conservative Tony Buzbee. For a complete analysis of this critical race, please refer to TCR's Mayoral Preview edition and most recently our 2019 Voter's Guide.

Buzbee has a good chance to beat Turner in a runoff, but it is critical that conservatives get out and vote to keep Turner under 50%, thus forcing a runoff. In recent polls, Turner has been in the mid-forties, which means there is a chance that Turner could win without a runoff; which would be devastating. So far, voting has been anemic. As of Wednesday, only 70,291 votes had been cast within the city of Houston; at this rate, total votes in the city election could fall short of 200,000. This is certainly not an historic low, but definitely not an historic high, nor what would be expected from the Buzbee vs Turner slugfest that has been raging for a year now. Conservatives haven't been rushing to the polls either - only about 38% of voters are classified as Republicans, based on their vote history. The bottom line is that conservatives must do much better over the two remaining days.

The opportunity to make a change at the city doesn't stop with the mayor's race though. A good mayor will need a good City Council to help pass his agenda; if the city re-elects this bad mayor however, a good City Council will be critical in slowing the pace of his agenda. This also applies to electing a competent and independent City Controller; which in this election is Orlando Sanchez.

Conservatives, the stakes have never been higher. You must get out and vote or risk another four years of the worst mayor in decades, possibly ever. Yes, this election is that important.


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