Crenshaw on Meet the Press: Americans Don't Care About D.C. Drama


I appeared on "Meet the Press" Sunday morning to make a very clear point: Americans do not care about the internal D.C. drama that has dominated the media's attention in recent weeks despite serious issues facing the country. 

"Americans couldn’t care less about BS infighting in DC while they face crisis after crisis - gas shortage, inflation, a hiring crisis, border crisis - courtesy of Joe Biden. But the left and the press want you distracted with drama that doesn’t affect you. Don’t fall for it," I said following the interview. 

Below is a transcript of my remarks during the interview:

"In reality we need to be talking about the things that the American people actually care about. I've got to tell you - this is not the subject that I'm asked about. 

"I get asked a lot of questions - I'm always doing events, always meeting with people - I never get asked about this. I get asked about why is there rising inflation; why is there a border crisis; what is going on in the Middle East; why can't we get gas; what is happening to our energy infrastructure; why can't I hire people, why are they getting paid by the government to stay at home instead of come to work? 

"These are things that really affect people, not this internal drama. And one of the reasons I agreed to come on your show is basically to say that: This isn't that important to people.


"And I speak for my constituents who care about those issues that I've told you about. And I think those are the issues that we should be debating on this program. You've got a great show, you've got a lot of listeners. Let's debate environmental policy, let's health care policy, border policy. I'll go toe-to-toe with you on all of it."



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