The Democratic Party - Not Who You Think?

I have written several times about the communists in America.  But their progress continues to speed up.  They’ve been here active since the early 1900’s and most Americans are totally unaware of their presence, much less their impact.  They continue to gain ground in their quest for control of America.

In the last couple of decades their progress has increased significantly.  But now many communist organizations are banding together, coordinating, reducing duplication, and getting better coverage across our country to spread their plan.

One example of evidence, is the number of House representatives that were elected in November who are Democratic Socialists (Marxists).  e.g., Alexandria Cortez  This number continues to rise in the House and the electorate remain oblivious to the situation.

The truly scary point is, their effectiveness is improving rapidly!  I would strongly recommend that you watch this 14 minute video.  This information is not hyperbole, it is  fact.  The evidence is out there, tons of it.  You merely need to seek it out and read it for your own verification.  You can start by reading previous articles on this site.  There are hundreds of sources of information on this topic.  And in recent years the Left has developed hundreds of communist organizations right here in the good old U.S.A now operating in the open — they are getting bolder every year.

As a teaser for the video, take the subject of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  They were originally formed in the 80’s.  For years they lingered with little to no growth.  But since the rise of Bernie Sanders and his subsequent loss in the presidential election, the DSA has grown significantly.  There were merely 10,000 members around 2016.  Today they exceed 50,000 — predominately millennials.  Sounds serious doesn’t it?

For your sake, please watch this informative video.  You’re not going to hear this anywhere else because the Left doesn’t want you to know what’s going on until it is too late.

The next time you watch a demonstration here in America, watch for the red flags or banners.  Read what they say. They are out in the open demonstrating their intent to turn America into a socialist state — synonymous with communist state.

Wake up folks, we’re in stage four of this cancerous invasion.  There is little time to turn the tide and save our freedom.  Every year that passes with little to no resistance, the ‘cure’ for this cancer will become progressively more painful.  YOU need to share this information and vote intelligently.  i.e., informed


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