The Demonization of the Democrat Party

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans that don’t get it.  They are still thinking that their democrat party is the same it was decades ago.  (This thinking being a great example of the ‘normalcy bias’.)

Part of being a socialist state is being a society devoid of any deity — God does not exist and supernatural influenced laws are to be ignored.  There are numerous examples of this thinking today — one being China.  Regardless of what some may say, China is a communist state.  Consequently there are thousands of Chinese people in prison for merely having attended a church, other ritual, or having been caught praying.

And now we are seeing this same trend right here in America — the land of the ‘free’.  A very large government does not want outsidethinking to influence the behavior of their people.  Hence, religion must not exist, else that government may lose power.

The democrat party has changed a lot in recent years.  This is predominantly a result of socialists entering congress and influencing the liberals in their party.  Through this process over decades, the situation has changed.  Today the liberals in that party are now afraid to not go along with the socialist view.  Through this process they have managed to infiltrate the party by over 100 socialist leaning congressmen — as many as 10 during the 2018 election.  Scary indeed considering those liberals too interested in remaining in office are now going along with ‘the plan’.

This website article should be enough to scare any American who reads it.  If it doesn’t, those citizens are part of the problem, not the solution.

One has to wonder when or if the American public will wake up?  Two facts scare the hell out of me — almost 50% of millennials want socialism in this country; less than 30% can define it; and that generation of people (19-39) are expected to become larger than the baby-boomers in the near future.  (Boomers are dying off at a rate of 10,000/day!)  This does not bode well for the future of America.


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