The Obama Administration and Its Scandals

Jay Leno may have summed up our situation when he quipped, “How ironic is that? We wanted a president that listens to all Americans -- now we have one.” Yes we have a President who is listening to us all, but then again, why are we surprised? This administration has managed to push every envelope with no price to pay, but maybe with everything hitting at once, there might be hell to pay. The “Can you hear me now?” line from a Verizon commercial now has new meaning.

Glen Reynolds summed up what we have seen in the Obama Administration when he gave a list of Obama's accomplishments deconstructing the Constitution when he wrote, “The NSA spying scandal goes deep, and the Obama Administration's only upside is that the furor over its poking into Americans' private business on a wholesale basis will distract people from the furor over the use of the IRS and other federal agencies to target political enemies -- and even donors to Republican causes -- and the furor over the Benghazi screw-up and subsequent lies (scapegoated filmmaker Nakoula is still in jail), the furor over the 'Fast And Furious' gunrunning scandal that left literally scores of Mexicans dead, the scandal over the DOJ's poking into phone records of journalists (and their parents), HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' shakedown of companies she regulates for 'donations' to pay for ObamaCare implementation that Congress has refused to fund, the Pigford scandal where the Treasury Department's 'Judgment Fund' appears to have been raided for political purposes -- well, it's getting to where you need a scorecard to keep up.”

Reynolds challenges the notion that all this snooping has made us safer as he observed the Tsarnaev brothers managed to pull off their terrorist attack despite their extensive use of email and after we were even warned by Russian intelligence. He argues convincingly the power has been abused. This administration used the IRS as a weapon against political opponents either by refusing to approve organizations be allowed to form or auditing Republican donors. A filmmaker was thrown in jail and became the scapegoat for the Obama-Clinton failures in protecting our ambassador and his staff in Libya.

For the past five years, we have seen abuses from the IRS attacking political enemies, the Department of Justice going after reporters, lying about the fast and furious program in which a gun running program ended up killing hundreds of Mexicans and even our own border security guard!

The recent NSA scandal may be a tipping point when it comes to the fight against the bureaucratic state. When combined with what transpired before the NSA scandal broke, we have seen abuses not seen in any previous administration, including the Nixon administration. We have witnessed the erosion of trust in government and for good reason, for this government has allowed the IRS to attack political opponents, lied about how a United States Ambassador was murdered, and we have even seen a Secretary of HHS shake down corporations to fund Obamacare. The failure of trust has put our war on terror at stake as we can no longer trust this Administration when it comes to protecting us.

Now ask yourself this question, would you trust the IRS to protect health care records since they will have access to that information as it is the taxing authority for Obamacare? At a time in which we are dealing with significant problems including a war on terror, a resurgent China, an economy in which Wall Street and crony capitalists are reaping big bucks while the middle class sees their income continuosly falling, our government institutions are failing to do the basics right while abusing the power it does have.


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