Pastors hold Press Conference in front of San Fernando Cathedral to OPPOSE PROP B

Local pastors from all religious denominations held a press conference to oppose Proposition B, which would begin to defund the police in San Antonio, Texas. Michael Knuffke, president of the San Antonio Family Association, led the pastors in their mission to inform the public about the upcoming election on Saturday, May 1 that will have Proposition B on the ballot for San Antonians.

Needless to say, the very infamous Julian Castro had to speak FOR the proposition almost immediately after the pastor’s press conference. Castro claims to be a Catholic, but it is very obvious that he does not follow Catholic teaching. It’s time that the Catholic community in San Antonio stop the idiotic notion that Castro is a devout Catholic, because he is not.

I was very impressed with Fr Larry Christian’s speech. As the pastor at St. Ann and St. Joselito parishes and Episcopal Vicar of the San Antonio Archdiocesan, he covered the reasons why the San Antonio Police Department should be able to do collective bargaining.

Fr Christian told the audience, “Proposition B strips this right of collective bargaining from our police officers and replaces it with state intervention, the exact opposite of Catholic Teaching."

The rights and dignity of workers to associate and indeed for all people to have the right of association was reaffirmed at the second Vatican council. To deny this right to workers, whether to police personnel or others, is an affront to human dignity. It is up to workers to decide whether they wish to associate or not and to bargain collectively or not. It is not up to the state to decide that for them.

Proposition B does not address issues of police reform as some think it will. Many of the men and women of the SAPD favor periodically viewing policing policies and their impact on the community. The best way to move forward is through collective bargaining with our women and men in blue. If we want the best men and women as our first responders then we need to support their right of association and collective bargaining.

As a pastor of a local parish I encourage you to vote NO on Proposition B."

The pastors took turns signing a “Declaration of Free Will Associations.” Pastors who signed were Fr Lawrence Christian, Pastor Charles Flowers of Faith Outreach Center Int’l and SA Black, White and Brown, Rabbi Avraham Scheinberg, Pastor Robert Welch of Park Hills Baptist, Pastor Rob Wallace of Embassy Christian Center, Pastor Gene Loeffler of River of Life Church Director of Lighthouses of Prayer Int’l, Pastor Joe Morales of Jubilee Outreach, A. D. Smoot of Victory San Antonio Ministries, Alejandro Viera with the Messianic community, Pastor Alfred Villarreal, and Don Larson Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


IF you want to keep your community SAFE, VOTE NO on Proposition B.


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