Runoff Elections In Houston Will You Be Part Of The Solution To Our Lost City?

It is fascinating to watch the runoff for Mayor of Houston. Incumbent Sylvester Turner has an overall weak record, especially in the areas of: (1) flood prevention and repair, (2) public safety - fire and police, (3) public integrity with numerous insider deals, which netted him millions in campaign dollars.

The most recent financial reports show Turner's cronies are back with around $1.7 million since late October, as described in the Houston Chronicle, "By the end of the first round, much of Turner's donor base have met the City's contribution limits of $5,000 per person & $10,000 per PAC --- the cap resets for the runoffs."

So the Turner cronies pay to play contractors are all in to save their guy because they know a new day is coming with Tony Buzbee. No longer will contracts be given out based on one's political donations, ending the corrupt fail to perform, pay to play machine run by career politician Turner.

Tony Buzbee in a recent speech, pointed out the litany of broken promises to the people of Houston by Turner:

  1. First, he said he'd add 800 police officers to HPD.
  2. As Mayor, he promised he would practice zero-based budgeting.
  3. Turner also told us he would fix our broken streets.
  4. He told us he would reduce the risk of flooding.
  5. Turner promised he'd build more affordable housing.
  6. He also said he would make significant investments to our fire department.

Buzbee asked a question of his fellow citizens recently, "Can anyone look at the present state of Houston city government and say: Let's have four more years of this?"

Turnout will be low. Every vote is critical. We must have a change at Houston City Hall. Conservatives and Republicans need to show up and vote for a better Houston. It's quite simply up to you.

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