SD-25 Senator Donna Campbell Crushes Opponents In Wimberly Debate!

Wimberly, Texas, the quaint, seemingly quiet town was the venue for one of the SD25 forums held on February 5, 2014. Contrary to what you may have heard, Senator Donna Campbell defended her positions on the Toll Roads, Pro Life, Budget, Transportation and the Municipal Utility District (MUD) with knowledge and assertiveness against the accusations and allegations of Mike Novak and Elisa Chan. Chan continued to hammer Senator Campbell on the Toll Road issue but her arguments did not hold water as she regurgitated her previous unfounded charges.

The hot topic was on the Municipal Utility District established by SB1868 and sponsored by Senator Campbell on a 5,000 acre property owned by Greg LaMantia known as ‘Needmore Ranch’. Mike Novak challenged Senator Campbell on the appropriateness of the MUD by asking her, “How in the world can we put a 5,000 acre MUD Municipal Utility District particularly to somebody who does not even live here? I am talking about a ranch owned by someone who is a South Texas Democrat, it is not right, it is not appropriate, for the culture. We are talking about a unique culture. How in the world can we even think of a taxing district?”

Senator Campbell responded by saying that MUD districts are about economic development, and that Hays should maintain their groundwater district. To the question of property rights and taxation she said, “Don’t start putting your values on somebody else’s private property. With MUD you have a choice, they know right up front that they are going to pay a tax in that area. You are NOT taxed unless you move in that area. We made sure that that person (LaMantia) does not have the right to not even drill. He had a right to drill on his 5,000 acres. Now what he has to do is haul in water.”

Senator Campbell was emphatic when she said that she would do whatever she had to do to protect our property rights. “Whether it’s the Left or the Right,” she said, “it is the right thing to do. You don’t come out and broker a deal when all of the property is your own. It had nothing to do with any extra territorial jurisdiction of Wimberly.”

Mike Novak became disruptive at this point and was asked to wait his turn to rebut. Novak asked Senator Campbell outright if the Democrat donated to her campaign. Funny he should ask. Upon checking Novak’s contributions, I found that his biggest contributor is Democrat John Montford and that his very close friend Jeff Wentworth’s wife, Karla is a heavy donor, not to mention the Kevin Wolf Campaign. We still live in a free society and we are all entitled to contribute to the candidate of our choice but to ask Senator Campbell if the Democrat gave her money is ludicrous when his own Texas Ethics Commission reports reek of Montford contributions.

I personally asked Novak to spit out the names of those people he claims called him all summer to run against Senator Campbell. His answer was evasive. But he finally did say that House Representative Lyle Larson was one of the instigators to his running. He refused to say whether Jeff Wentworth did, but after seeing his Ethics Report, it’s silly for Novak to deny the obvious.

Novak’s personal attack on Senator Campbell is shameless. His radio ad claims that she does not pay taxes and that she does not live in the district. Senator Campbell pays taxes in Comal County where she lives. Yes, she does own a house but not in Houston. I might add that the ‘Texas Insider’ carried a huge expose on Novak’s irresponsible business practices. The lawsuits are so numerous, it’s best you read the article, Challenge to Dr. Donna Campbell Has Interesting Twist, for yourself.

Challenge to Dr. Donna Campbell Has Interesting Twist Records at the Bexar County Courthouse also show the following:

1989 – NCNB TEXAS National Bank sued to recover a principle loan balance of $950,000.
2005 – Novak’s company was sued in Harris County Court for outstanding debt. A judgment of $23,264.59 was made against his company.
2006 – Novak’s company was sued in New Mexico for breach of contract. After the company later filed in Bexar County, a judgment of $24,124.79 was made against the company.
2006 – Novak’s company was sued for failing to pay for goods and services provided by another company. A judgment was ordered against his company for $47,715.75.
2007 – American Express sued Novak’s company for failing to pay a balance of $77,658.35.
In 1990, NCNB Texas National Bank sued a second time for failure to pay a principle balance of $26,209.91. Bringing the combined 1989 and 1990 totals to more than $975,000.

Audio debate at Wimberly, Texas 1 hour 38 minutes


They say that a photograph is worth a 1,000 words and I definitely agree on this one. This candid photo best describes the candidates. We can all see Novak’s left hand but not his right. Chan is smiling, always smiling even when her portrait isn’t being taken. Why is that? Senator Campbell on the other hand is focused on the debate and is prepared to answer.

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!


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