Quanell X

Quanell X Shoes.JPG
Just when you thought it was safe to sport about in your new pair of $200+ Nike Air Jodan shoes, Quanell X comes along and wants to declare them the new "Civil Right".
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In a shocking Houston election day story, Quanell X (head of the New Black Panther Party) demanded the removal of a legally appointed Republican Alternate Election Judge. , Amazingly, the Presiding Judge, Billie Smith,...
When Representative Peter King began his hearings on the radicalization of black American Muslims by extremist Muslims in March, Houston activist Quanell X (Houston based Leader of the New Black Panther Party) and I debated...
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Early Voting is over and the stage is set for the November 2nd General Election.  The King Street Patriots group, concerned about the sanctity of the election process, has recruited and trained over 1,000 poll watchers to...

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