117th Congress

It is an important priority for me to make sure veterans are taken care of and that they receive the same quality of care in modern facilities as we see in the private sector.
I am excited to see the inclusion of many helpful initiatives to our agricultural and rural communities in this bill.
These appropriations will fund projects that are outdated and underfunded, and every dollar awarded allows for a better equipped military and a better served veteran population.
The following is DACA recipient Dr. Manuel Bernal Mejia's testimony from the June 15 Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing on the American Dream and Promise Act of 2021.
The House of Representatives yesterday passed an amendment that I introduced to help improve water infrastructure for Tamina, Texas, as part of a larger water infrastructure package. 
I testified before the House Rules Committee on my amendment to the INVEST in America Act, House Democrats’ surface transportation bill, that would ensure Texas and other states receive a fairer share of federal...
The "Uplifting First-Time Homebuyers Act" will increase the IRA homebuyer exception from $10k to $20k, the first increase in over 20 years. 
At stake is the future of our country’s 1.25 million Dreamers, but also the long-term growth and stability of the businesses that employ them. Among the general public, this is not a partisan issue: almost two-thirds of...
By moving the decision to prosecute felony-level, complex criminal cases away from the unit commander, this bill will allow sexual assault cases to be fairly prosecuted, hold offenders accountable and protect victims, while...
One of the biggest problems facing military communities is recruiting and retaining teachers, so I am proud to be a part of a bipartisan solution.
Friday, I released a report detailing some of the successes of my first six months in office—specifically in energy, agriculture, and national security.
Colonel Powell and JoAnne served our country and this community with character and dignity—living their lives completely devoted to the service of others. Renaming the VA Clinic here in San Angelo after these two legends...
I recently introduced the EMPOWER NIH Act to provide critical oversight and full transparency of all grantees and subgrantees receiving federal funds for research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
We have to make sure these enemies of the state, enemies of America, remain where they are. It is so critical that Guantanamo Bay stays part of our national security aspect.
Allowing past and present service members, as well as Gold Star Families, free access to our most iconic and treasured lands is the least we can do to honor the sacrifice they have made for our great country.
We will not tolerate an American citizen being used as a political pawn on the global stage, and I will not stop fighting for Trevor until he is safely back on American soil.
Over the last year, Americans watched as peaceful, legitimate protests were infiltrated by Antifa’s violence and extremism. The looting and riots that ensued in 2020 at the hands of Antifa have no place in this country.
Ensuring that taxpayer dollars are never used to fund abortions is one of my top priorities in Congress.
Resuming full, unimpeded travel is crucial to getting our economy back on track and we should remove any misguided obstacles to making that happen.
We need to hold the Chinese government accountable for their malicious lies and coverup that allowed the coronavirus to spread across the world. Their actions cost American lives and livelihoods, which is why I'm...



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