New York Times Crazy Idea, The 1619 "Hate America" Project

The New York Times used to be a newspaper that reported the news from a liberal slant. However, they were journalists at heart, no more.

That is officially gone. The paper has taken its Donald Trump obsession to ridiculous heights. First, it was the Russian collusion hoax. Then, it was Trump is a racist. Then, Trump is anti-Semitic. Then, Trump is a white supremacist, and now, the economy is tanking.

The latest hoax is the worst yet, that America was founded in 1619 when the first African slaves moved to what is now Virginia. Their theory, everything that is great about America is not legitimate, as it wouldn't have happened without slavery.

This is the latest attempt to get President Trump. With thanks to Erick Erickson (, he debunks the theory and false facts used by the paper:

"The Times claims "Conveniently left out of our founding mythology is the fact that one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery. By 1776, Britain had grown deeply conflicted over its role in the [racism and slavery] that had reshaped the Western Hemisphere. In London, there were growing calls to abolish the slave trade."

"The truth of the funding of America is that there was no way to put the 13 colonies together without acknowledging the need of the Southern states to be able to maintain their slavery positions. But every one of the Founding Fathers wrote of slavery in a condemning, critical way. "[T]he abolitionist movement in London," "did not take off ... until after 1776...

"The leader was William Wilberforce, in getting rid of slavery in Great Britain. But his movement to abolish slavery "did not take off ... until after 1776 and it still dragged on well into the [1800s]. In fact, Massachusetts' began considerations of abolishing the slave trade in 1767," before the founding, "and voted again in both 1771 and 1774 to end its practice altogether," even before our founding in Massachusetts.

"Another fact - Massachusetts remained a slave state despite voting to get rid of it because the British overrode it with a veto before our revolution. And yet The New York Times is claiming that we revolted because the Brits wouldn't let us keep slavery?

"The next falsehood by the Times is the statement about one of the primary reasons. They say that preserving slavery was a primary reason for our revolution. The Continental Congress, 1774, pledged to end the slave trade, and in 1776 even southern states had agreed to abide by nonimportation of slaves from abroad."

This will be a continuing series by The New York Times and soon its allies in the left-wing major media, and they are creating a public school curriculum, part of the so-called 1619 Project. The project is to convince people that the founding of America is not what they've always been told that it was and we should be ashamed.


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