Scott Brown

The following is Republican Congressman Jeff Flake's (AZ-6) most recent newsletter:Dear Norm,
Watch Scott Browns acceptance speech! This, right here, is history in the making!
Scott Brown, Republican, wins election for U.S. Congressional Senate seat from Massachusetts!Final Results:Scott Brown: 52%Martha Coakley: 47%What a Massachusetts Miracle! Scott Brown was even able to carry the vote in Ted...
While Martha Coakley was on vacation, Scott Brown was out driving  around Massachusetts talking to the people about his campaign in his pre-government takeover GM truck with nearly 200,000 miles on it:
In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one, no one thought Scott Brown would have a chance at taking over Kennedys Senate seat. Now, the night before the election, no one knows what will happen tomorrow....
A warm speech honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s achievements would have been nice, but this morning, at the Boston Martin Luther King Day Breakfast, Martha Coakley decided to make Martin Luther King Da
Scott Brown is up 3%, but the Democrats are sending in their troops. Ramp up the support, GOP!
The Massachusetts Senate race is huge and immediately demanding of our attention. Here’s why:Honestly, even after the latest reports of polls showing Scott Brown actually LEADING IN Massachusetts, and this morning hearing...
It is long past "pull out all stops" time in the health care debate. There is one silver bullet still out there. Scott Brown's bid to win the special election for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat.
As conservatives across America watched the race in Massachusetts with anticipation, it would be my hope that a similar level of fervor would exist on the part of conservatives for each and every race which pits a...
If you have never seen these "Hitler finds out . . ." videos, they have become a sort of genre on Youtube.
Scott Brown recently said,
Quico Canseco, a contender for Texas Congressional District 23, one of the TexasGOPVote 2010 primary races to watch, is providing his support and resources to help Scott Brown win the Massachusetts senatorial race against...
When a candidates closing campaign remark is that we need to raise taxes, voters should BEWARE!!!! Support Scott Brown! 
This comment was recently sent in by a TexasGOPVote reader regarding the Massachusetts Special Election:
Here is a message sent in to TexasGOPVote about the Massachusetts Senate race:
The Massachusetts Senate Race is heating up! Sean Hannity and his show guests talked about it on Fox News the other night. Here is an overview:Michael Barone, Senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner:



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