School Choice, Betsy DeVos and the Impact of Her Appointment

It should be appalling to everyone how President Donald Trump’s nominees are being treated and how the mainstream media is handling this very critical procedure. There will always be naysayers but this is over the top. Democrats should know that elections have consequences since Obama was so eager to tell the world that he had after all ‘won’. I was not happy when some of Obama’s people were appointed like Arne Duncan, his Secretary of Education, and the two female Supreme Court justices that now make up a very radical leaning Supreme Court. I don’t recall burning our American flag, destroying property or dragging my body to protest Obama’s nominees. Did you?

It now appears that Betsy DeVos, nominated for Secretary of Education by President Trump, has somehow managed to become characterized as the ‘weak’ link. Democrats have managed to tint the water red making it suitable for the piranhas to think it's blood. Painting her as unqualified, a philanthropist, advocate for school choice and not being connected to the public school system have led to protests. It is totally unfair that the media has taken to destroying her efforts, since she has worked with the Grand Rapids Public School system in Michigan as an in-school mentor for students.

Extreme far left zealot Elizabeth Warren almost ate DeVos alive during the senate confirmation hearing. It was a ruthless attack, unwarranted but expected, by the crazed senator. Warren’s net worth, according to ‘CNN Money’, is $8.75 million which is not exactly chump change and her ridiculous statement that ‘crooks were making flips’ if Ms. DeVos was to be appointed was a laughable moment. Her past exaggeration, or was it a lie, that she was a Native American made her statement even more outrageous! Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to make college tuition free. Ms. DeVos did not agree with him on this issue or on free child care. So he said he would NOT vote for her confirmation. Neither are Liberal Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Both Republicans are strongly financed by the National Education Association, the teachers union. The teacher’s union is the strongest adversary and supports the teachers and not the students. After all if School Choice becomes the law of the land the teachers are going to have to actually TEACH!

Arne Duncan, Obama’s first Secretary of Education, was confirmed on January 21, 2009 by a voice vote. He did not run a trillion dollar program before he was appointed, but he did help low income students as Ms. DeVos has, so why are the rules different for Ms. DeVos. Duncan endorsed marriage equality two days before his boss Obama did and after Joe Biden did on ‘Meet the Press’. It is believed that Duncan’s announcement on MSNBC stating he was in favor of same-sex marriage put pressure on Obama to endorse same-sex marriage. High School LGBT clubs were opened on Duncan’s watch. Duncan’s children are presently attending a private school that is taught by unionized teachers in Chicago. The hypocrisy of the Left is palpable.

Ms. DeVos told the committee she had worked hard for the last 30 years and if nominated would support traditional public schools. She also said she would be a voice for the students and empower the parents to choose the school that best meets their children's needs. If she is not appointed the Trump Administration will suffer a huge loss and so would the School Choice movement. The Democrats are of course not playing fair...but when have they? Jeff Sessions’ senate appointment as US Attorney General has been delayed so that he can vote for Ms. Devos and Vice President Mike Pence is expected to break the tie in her appointment, if it is necessary. Right now Texas is working hard to pass legislature on School Choice and if she is not appointed could have a negative impact on the children of Texas. We should know soon enough as her confirmation hearing is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2017.

These young protesters are typical of the” tolerant” liberals and how rules change according to their agenda...No Hate, No Fear, EVERYONE is WELCOME here EXCEPT BETSY DEVOS...



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