Rick Perry Weighs In On Mayor Candidate Bill King; What Does It Mean?

If you have been following the Houston Mayor's race you noticed former Governor and now Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry weighed in a second time on candidate Bill King. Perry's comments were:

"I have spent my career fighting for more effective and efficient government and against waste and public corruption. When it comes to corruption and pay to play politics, unfortunately Mayor Turner isn't the only bad apple in the mayoral field. Bill King also has a long and sordid history of making millions off of taxpayers by influencing government regulators to be favorable to his law firm's tax collections business."

"Bill King and his firm kept their racket afloat by treating council members, state reps and state senators to fancy trips, golf outings, sporting events, and even hired them as "advisors" - including Sylvester Turner. Bill King is not credible on ethics reform, he cannot be trusted, and I urge you to join me in rejecting both Bill King and Mayor Turner.

"Tony Buzbee is the clear choice for Houston Mayor. He's a Marine Recon Captain, a businessman, accomplished attorney and someone I'm proud to call my friend. Tony's an honorable man who has served his nation and community - I trust him to deliver as your mayor."

So what does this mean? Clearly, Rick Perry is not a fan of King. King himself wrote a book called "Unapologetically Moderate" so clearly he does not consider himself a conservative, nor is he exclusively seeking Republican votes. The fact is to win the Houston Mayor's office it takes a coalition where Republicans are just a part of any victorious coalition in the city. So Rick Perry has effectively thrown cold water on the idea that Bill King is "the" only candidate that Republicans should support which means Republicans are in play this election like so much of the electorate.


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