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TexasGOPVote attended the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was held Thursday, February 18th through Saturday, February 20th. This year's theme was "Saving Freedom." View the live updates from the...
The following is Republican Congressman Jeff Flake's (AZ-6) most recent newsletter:Dear Norm,
The Senate passed an immense $1.1 trillion spending bill Sunday. The House has already passed its identical version of the bill, and Obama indicates he will sign it.
Although Obama and Pelosi were gleaming on the House's passage of the health care bill last night, they are now starting to learn that this bill has little chance of going anywhere in the Senate. According to Senator Lindsey...
My friends, I am writing to you in order to give you an opportunity to personally have a hand in the battle to take back America, starting here at home, in the fourth largest city in the country, Houston, Texas. In 14 days (...
Does anyone actually have the time to prod through the convoluted text of Obama's proposed healthcare bill, HR 3200? Well at least I don't see myself getting cozy on my favorite chair with all 1,018 pages in hand.
Citizens across Texas are calling for Governor Perry to veto SB1440 in order to protect families' Constitutional rights. Your Action is Required! Send your opinion to his websiteCall Gov. Perry at 800-252-9600 / 512-463-2000...
Read the full text of the State of the Union Address on January 27, 2010:
Independent Senator Joe Lieberman is the current "target of liberal wrath" due to his opposition to the public option in the healthcare bill.
Senate Democrats tentatively agreed Tueday night to drop the government-run public-option from the health care bill.
Despite a boycott by Republican leaders in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the Democrats, led by Senator Barbara Boxer of California, have decided to forge ahead with climate change legislation
The health care bill (HR 3200) includes $25,000 in fines as well as jail time if you dont buy government-approved health insurance! Republican Rep. Shadegg from Arizona offers his own resolution:
Betsy McCaughey, Chairman of New York's Committee to Reduce Infectious Deaths, comes on the Fred Thompson Show to discuss what she has disovered from reading the House Bill for healthcare reform.
Obama's plan for 5 million green jobs could prove "to be terribly and economically counterproductive."



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