It is no accident that Texas consistently leads the nation in job creation. Some have described this economic powerhouse as a "Texas Miracle." But, we know better than that. The Texas Economic Experience is rooted in concepts and principles that will work anywhere they're tried: Keeping taxes low, creating a predictable regulatory climate, cracking down on lawsuit abuse, and investing in critical infrastructure like roads, water and schools in a fiscally responsible way.
The Biden White House is undertaking an Orwellian effort that ignores history in order to try to redefine the actual definition of the term ‘recession’ in order to avoid bad headlines.
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The Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats are completely out of touch with the American people. In the midst of an inflation crisis, their policies are pushing wasteful spending and open borders.
Wholesale prices for businesses jumped 11.3 percent from the previous year, according to a new Producer Price Index (PPI) report from the Department of Labor. 
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I released the following statement on the Bureau of Labor Statistics June jobs report:
I sent a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk asking him to work in tandem with government officials to strengthen both Texas’ and the nation’s power grids and ensure their long-term resiliency and affordability against...
After the Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of inflation increased by 6.3 percent from the year previous, I issued the following statement:
The House Appropriations Committee passed the Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2023. This bill provides critical funding for the Department of Defense.
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says “show me your budget, show me your values,” so that is exactly what my colleagues and I in the Republican Study Committee have done. In this budget, we clearly demonstrate that...
Governor Greg Abbott  issued a statement celebrating Caterpillar Inc.'s (Caterpillar) 
Wholesale prices for businesses jumped 10.8 percent from the previous year, according to a new Producer Price Index (PPI) report from the Department of Labor. This is more bad news for consumers. 
WASHINGTON— On Monday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) announced the “Let Experienced Pilots Fly Act,” which will help alleviate the pilot shortage by raising the mandatory commercial pilot retirement...
New research on the economic contributions of immigrants in Texas released by Texans for Economic Growth underscores the crucial role immigrants in Texas play in some of the state’s fastest growing and most in demand fields...
After the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its June Consumer Price Index reporting consumer prices are 9.1 percent higher than the year previous, and showing real wages have dropped nearly 4.8 percent since President...
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Last year, the Biden White House released the now-infamous 
Experts on immigration policy made the case for bipartisan legislation that includes border security, a solution for DACA, and an ID and Tax policy that would create a method for unauthorized immigrants to earn legal status...
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Thursday, I joined the Sam Malone Show to discuss the looming recession in President Biden's economy, rising inflation, and President Biden's refusal to put America first.Click here to listen to the full interview.
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Under President Biden, workers and families are suffering from a dangerous baby formula shortage, raging inflation, and shrinking family budgets. In opening remarks for a full Committee hearing, I outlined solutions to...
While TEG advocates for many commonsense immigration ppolicies that reflect the economic needs of our state, passing legislation that creates a pathway to legal status or citizenship for Dreamers and TPS holders is important...
The United States is in a global contest to attract and retain talent. To that end, providing permanent legal status to Dreamers makes sound economic sense. Our policies must allow us to compete for the workers we need to...



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